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High School Students in Helsinki Also Protest Against Anticipated Budget Reductions

by Gurseet Singh
1 minutes read

Several distressed students from Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts in Helsinki have found themselves driven to occupy their school premises, a sad reflection of their desperation over the government’s impending budget cuts.
Phantoms of the protest have seemingly hijacked the school’s official Instagram account, solemnly declaring their demonstration early Wednesday morning.
In a photograph, the heart-rending sight of a handful of young demonstrators is captured, cloaked in their youthful earnestness, standing in silent rebellion outside the school, their hands clutching banners.
As the government grants tax breaks to the wealthy while stripping resources from students and other low-income earners, the indignant students could not stand up against the flagrant injustice. Echoes of their resistance were heard through their digital cries on the Instagram post.
In a heavy-hearted statement, they revealed that their somber sit-in would continue indefinitely. Attempts have been made to ensure that this act of civil disobedience will not disrupt the student examinations slated for Thursday.
Sadly, the same air of dissatisfaction and rebellion has seeped into the University of Helsinki. A parallel protest sprang up within the main building on Tuesday, subtly tingeing the academic institution with gloom and discontent.
Following a governmental press conference regarding the proposed budget cuts on Tuesday evening, a chorus of disillusioned voices arose from the university, dubbing the plans a widely “anticipated disappointment” and promising to hold their ground.
The Finnish publication Iltalehti was the first to bring this gloomy yet potent protest in Kallio to public consciousness.

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