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Six Former Security Guards Charged with Negligent Homicide: Espoo Shopping Centre Tragedy

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  1. Six former security officials, aged 19 to 24, are allegedly involved in using force during a prior incident at the Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo.
  2. The incident led to the unfortunate death of a 35-year-old woman back in January.
  3. In the victim’s memory, a makeshift vigil had been set up at the shopping center.
  4. The group of guards has been formally charged with negligent homicide by a local prosecutor.
  5. The woman’s death reportedly resulted from a supposed physical confrontation with the guards trying to restrain her on January 7.
  6. Earlier reports by the Western Uusimaa Police Department revealed that the guards had intercepted the woman due to an allegation of her bothering another customer.
  7. Per the initial police statement, the guards had a short conversation with the woman and then started escorting her out, using physical force.
  8. By August, additional information from the police pointed out that the woman resisted initially and was dropped to the ground, subsequently handcuffed and held by at least six guards.
  9. The accused individuals, aged 19 to 24, are suspected of using physical force during the event. All were in various security roles around the shopping centre at the time.
  10. About the exact cause of the woman’s death, the police remain tight-lipped due to confidentiality reasons, although it has been ruled out that she died from suffocation.
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