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Maddy Cusack of Sheffield United Women’s Team Passes Away at 27

by Gurseet Singh
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“Sheffield United Women’s team is dealing with the devastating loss of a key player. Maddy Cusack, a shining star in the middle of the field, has tragically passed at 27. The Women’s Championship Club officially announced this heartbreaking news on Thursday.
Cusack, a seasoned player, had been with United Women since 2019. Her presence on the field was noteworthy, as she celebrated a milestone of 100 appearances for the club during the last season. But her contributions were more comprehensive than the area. She also played an essential role off the pitch, serving as a marketing executive in the administrative offices of Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.
It wasn’t just the statistics that measured Cusack’s impact; the respect she garnered from colleagues and her undeniable popularity within the team set her apart. Stephen Bettis, the Chief Executive Officer of Sheffield United, echoed this sentiment.
“We are all crushed by this heartbreaking news,” commented Bettis. In his statement, he recognized and praised Cusack’s dual roles as a respected player and an integral team member.
“Maddy’s remarkable ability to connect with a variety of teams within Sheffield United earned her everyone’s admiration,” he continued. “She modeled a mix of an approachable personality and unwavering professionalism, making her a true asset to her family’s reputation. Her absence will indeed create a void.”
Cusack’s remarkable contribution to Sheffield United Women was also echoed in her dedication to the team, demonstrated in her commitment to a sixth season at the club. She had signed the contract extension this past July, reaffirming her commitment to her football family.
The shocking news of her sudden departure has left the team devastated. The specifics around the cause of death have not been made public by the club.”

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