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Major Changes Looming for Finnish Parliament as EU Elections Approach

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Helsinki, June 10, 2024 – Large scale political change is coming to Finland for the upcoming EU parliamentary elections through a massive overhaul of the Finnish Parliament. In the national parliamentary seats, it is believed that up to 10 present day MPs will be assuming the positions of the MEP and consequently, as many substitute members in each country are expected to be appointed to the national legislature.

That is why one can expect a significant restructuring of the Left Alliance, which currently has fixtures like Li Andersson waiting to go to Brussels. With her is Merja Kyllönen and Jussi Saramo, all of them of the party and who are expected to clinch MEP seats. This change signifies a potential of a shift on the parliamentary group of the Left Alliance since the latter is noted to have 35 members.

The National Coalition Party (NCP) is also near the change in which its candidate Pekka Toveri is heading for the European Parliament. Aura Salla, another NCP candidate, is not far behind which could also give the party representation in Brussels.

The Centre Party’s Katri Kulmuni, the Greens’ Maria Ohisalo the Swedish People’s Party’s Anna-Maja Henriksson, the Social Democratic Party’s Maria Guzenina, and the Finns Party’s Sebastian Tynkkynen are expected to become MEPs. They will leave the Finnish Parliament and as a result the replacement members will have to be appointed who enjoys the position next in line according to the previous parliamentary election votes.

Another important event would be the exit of Anna-Maja Henriksson, who was the Minister of Education, as well as the leader of Swedish People’s Party. Looking back at her political career, Henriksson said: “I understand that I have tried my best to win this election and together, we have emerged victorious. If so, it is good to transfer the torch forward. Alone, the journey has been tiring and per cyclic nature of politics, it is now time for a change at the helm. ”

The future political changes will ensure that politics in Finland continues to evolve; also, EU Parliament increased its impact on legislatures across the member states. During this electoral preparation in Finland, the incoming substitute MPs will be under the challenge of serving(notification) while having to work under high pressure to continue with the tasks of the previous MPs.

Stay tuned to FinlandNews.Today to get more updates and detailed discussion regarding the dynamic political scenario of the European Union before the EU elections are held.

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